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May 11, 2009

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May 11, 2009

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May 6, 2009

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 Ladies and gentlemen! Let me introduce MyPhone v2.10 to you ceremoniously now! After a month’s time development, we finally see MyPhone v2.10. Thanks to all of our dear users. Cheers! Now let’s see what’s new in v2.10.




New Features in v2.10:

sketchpad Sketchpad for Nokia 5800 XM, N97 and all S60 5th os

A little widget that you can draw something on your phone. You can change the color, the alpha and brush to draw a great work! Unfortunately, my printing is awful. :(

autolock Auto-lock for Nokia 5800 XM, N97 and all S60 5th os

You can set a time to autolock your phone when your not using in my setting now. But it’s only for S60 5th os now.

FM Quick link to FM radio for Nokia 5800 XM , N97 and all S60 5th os

As many of our dear customers’ request, we add a quick link for FM radio in 5800 XM this time. Now you can easily go to the radio in MyPhone!

List Mode Alternative List Mode for Nokia 5800 XM, N97 and all S60 5th os

There is an additional list mode for 5800 XM now! You can choose a 3*5 array or 4*5 as you like! More choice and more convenient!

res Improved registration

If you buy MyPhone at our online shop or our parter shop, you can activate it at real time. No more anxious waiting now!

rss RSS input

You can input your rss feeds via a txt file now just like Handy RSS.

Fixed bugs:

  • Add the missing ‘+’ in the call screen
  • Fix the flickering battery display
  • Add a quit icon
  • Add operator identify function on 5800 XM, N97 and all S60 5th os

OK! Here we see all the improvement in this version. If you are first use MyPhone, you can see our last upgrade details in the past post. We also test MyPhone on Nokia’s new phones as N97, 5730 XpressMusic and Samsung I8910 (Omnia HD) & I8510 (innvo8). It’s completely compatible with these phones! Hurry up! Equip your phone with MyPhone now!

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Another goods I want to recommend to you today is MyPhone theme. We have made a lot of modifications since last preview. It’s pretty prefect now!

MyPhone theme on 5800 XMAll the icons and background pictures are made based on SVG. This format gives your phones’ icons a smooth looking on any phone models.

The battery life and signal images are well designed with mesh style.

It’s really the best pal of MyPhone. With this theme, you can enjoy the iPhone style UI both inside and outside MyPhone. Now, you can get both MyPhone theme and MyPhone new version at our online shop with only 14.99 USD. Click here to buy now!